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About Manjal

Manjal restaurant first opened in 2013 in Canary Wharf, London. The name Manjal is from Tamil Language for turmeric, which is a spice widely used in Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine to add flavour and prevent harmful bacteria from living in the food.

Our owner, desired a truly authentic and high-quality restaurant serving Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. He himself is passionate about food and continues to motivate our team to provide the best possible service and food to our customers.

With our Loughton restaurant opening in 2018, we now have two locations, while not compromising on the authenticity and quality of our food – so expect lots of heat and flavours that will remind you of South India and Sri Lanka!


We have a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ award from TripAdvisor.

We are currently rated 4.2 stars on Google reviews after over 400 reviews, and have a minimum of 4 stars on all other customer review platforms.

Private dining

Manjal boasts an exclusive private dining area with a bar that can cater for up to 100 guests. The area looks out upon the river, with the option of walking out onto a private balcony to enjoy the view.

A custom menu can be designed based on personal preferences, and the area itself can be presented in selected themes.


Since opening, Manjal has hosted countless events, ranging from corporate to personal, lunch and dinner. The events room is totally private, soundproof and has free Wi-Fi and the option of a projector screen.

Bespoke menus, including drinks, canapés, snacks and more can be designed based on your requirements.


We have a team dedicated to sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the world.

Vegetables are purchased from a local market visited by our chef in person to pick the best of the bunch.

Our spices are from all across India and Sri Lanka, including bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, black pepper, large cardamoms from the Idukki district in Kerala, garam masala from Punjab, special chillies from Tamil Nadu and Kashmir, and a range of other regional spice blends such from Nellore, Trincomalee and Jaffna.

Food preparation

Only highest quality ingredients are used to prepare our dishes. All chefs at Manjal are highly experienced, ranging from 8 years to 35.

Our recipes are modest, ensuring that taste is not compromised by overcomplicated recipes.

All dishes are adapted from home-style cooking, which means the food is fresh and never cooked in bulk. All food is prepared on a daily basis, allowing our vegetables, meat, fish and other ingredients to remain fresh.


Among the many things that we pride ourselves on here at Manjal, great service ranks high.

We value and respect each and every guest that walks through our door, and ensure they are made to feel welcome and at home.

Our floor staff have experience ranging from 2-20 years. They are a patient and happy team, dedicated to giving you the best possible experience.

Our bar is fully stocked with a wide range of beverages from around the world. Our bar manager has worked for numerous high-end restaurants worldwide, and is particularly skilled at making cocktails.


Both the ground floor restaurant and 1st floor private area offer fantastic views of the river. As the river flows by, so will your experience at Manjal, allowing you to relax and enjoy your food comfortably.

Soothing music plays in the background at a low volume, allowing you to converse without having to talk too loud.

Dining experience

Tables are elegantly dressed, with exquisite cutlery and glassware and live flowers, bringing class and originality. Sparkling and still water is available on all tables.

Starters usually arrive within 10-15 minutes, with mains following in 20. This gives our chefs time to prepare the fresh food and present it beautifully. Our portion sizes are designed to be shared with others, as we believe that sharing food brings together friends and family and adds value to relationships.

Guests are never rushed to finish, as we provide ample time in between bookings so you can enjoy the food and experience.

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Saturday and Sunday: 12pm to 11pm

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020 7132 2777

Monday to Friday: Lunch 12 to 3pm

Dinner 5.00pm to 11pm

Saturday and Sunday: 12pm to 11pm

Email: info.loughton@manjalrestaurant.com

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